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MetaDAO SocialFi

MetaDAO is a community-run SocialFi Network, where each participant can easily monetize their data, and get rewarded for their activity.
MetaDAO SocialFi


Create your digital space, take part in various adventures, and step into a new digital age.


Connect & make new friends, show others your creativity & skills.


Trade tokens & digital items in a completely decentralized way


Play popular games, collect digital items, and for your activity get rewarded with the tokens.


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Monetize your data

MetaDAO is a SocialFi Network, where each user will be rewarded for their activity.
Monetizing your data has never been easier, because after simple registration, every user is automatically monetized, and can start their digital journey.


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Staking Centar

Web3 and decentralization allow us to interact with smart contracts and use a variety of features, one of which is staking.
It allows users to increase your token stack and earn more tokens based on what they already have.

MetaDAO will have various pools and provide users with the opportunity to participate in them, not only increase the number of tokens, but also to have some other benefits, such as participation in launchpad projects, guaranteed allocations and much more.

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Incubator Program

The MetaDAO Incubator Program is a initiative that will serve as the catalyst for innovative and emerging startups within the blockchain sector.
With full support and consultation each step of the way, MetaDAO is a one-stop-shop for accelerating the growth of new crypto gaming projects

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Advertising is an important feature of the platform, where individuals and companies will be able to advertise and create their own marketing campaigns.
Users of the platform will be able to choose which ads they want to be shown, and have complete control over it.


Community Rewards

By using some of our services in the App, you automatically enter the Cashback program.
Where you get various benefits, such as Cashback, which will be paid out in our tokens.
Paying advertising, funding, digital marketplace, membership fees, are just some of the features covered by this program.

MetaDAO Utility

Choose your best strategy to participate in Launchpad projects

MetaDAO Club


Staking Pool


Community Contest



Oliver Klein
Yuri Sinyakov
Mihaela Vulich
Luke Verdian
Davor Horvat

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MetaDAO is a community-run SocialFi Network, where each participant can easily monetize their data, and get rewarded for ther activity.

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A more detailed Roadmap will be published in the documentation

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